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Office Interior Design Lutterworth

We can plan brand new offices or refurbish existing office spaces

At Paradigm Interiors Limited we can plan brand new offices or refurbish existing office spaces to give them a fresh, improved look. We offer unique designs, creating office interiors to depict your individual requirements. We can do office interior design Lutterworth and tailor office design for Magna Park, a large distribution and logistics centre placed at ‘The Golden Triangle’, a central UK development with the network of M6, M1 and M69 motorways, near Lutterworth, Leicestershire and Rugby, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire.

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Office Décor

Whether you are full of ideas for your office décor but unsure how to bring it together or feel that designing your office interior is a huge, daunting task, we are here ready to help you. With our wealth of experience we know exactly where to start and our assistance will be indispensable.

We will do all the hard work from conceptualisation and planning onwards, carrying out detailed, accurate surveys, proposing the finest solutions and artistic ideas, completing construction and decorating, whilst monitoring development down to meticulous detail, all the while ensuring that regulations are met and there is minimum interference with your daily business.

That way you can enjoy the exciting transformation without the pressure of project management and focus on the running of your business, looking forward to the unveiling of your new office.


It is essential to have an office layout which best supports your business needs. The right office layout can improve productivity and decrease business costs if the space is utilised efficiently. Paradigm can innovatively design your office interior to utilise the area to its optimum potential and turn it into an attractive setting, whilst also keeping it practical for real, everyday work scenarios.

We will help you make the most of the space so it is adaptable to different functions, people and ways of working, whether that be for introspective independent work or collaborative team discussions. Layouts could involve individual offices, desk partitions, shared work spaces, hot desking, large meeting rooms, waiting areas, relaxation spaces and open plan arrangements. We can take the limitations of your office space and turn them into endless possibilities, employing our specialist knowledge, creative methods and an array of fashionable modern office furniture for a contemporary, cutting-edge result. If you are considering expanding or moving offices give us a call.

We may be able to save you money and hassle by helping you harness the full potential of your current office; you may discover you have more capacity than you realised.

We will ensure that the office design meets your current expectations, including the newest concepts and technological advances but also anticipates future needs and changes so it is efficient and enduring. We will consider everything from the placing of electrical and data points, heating, storage, potential noise levels, convenient access to facilities, to the positioning of windows to encapsulate natural light and surrounding views of the landscape which will result in a multi-functional yet bright and stunning office.

It is vital to present the right impression for staff and clients alike; we can design your ideal office décor to set the perfect ambience and reflect your organisation’s brand and ethos.

Our mission

We are also more than happy to revisit and complete further work at a later date and provide continuing maintenance. Our prices are clear, competitive and fair, offering great value for every project. You will be delighted with your finished office and will no doubt be commending Paradigm Interiors to other companies.

Contact Us today so our capable team can begin to advise you – our consultants are looking forward to your call.

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Paradigm Interior - image
Paradigm Interior - image
Paradigm Interior - image
Paradigm Interior - image
Paradigm Interior - image

Executive & Business Office Furniture

To complement the décor and layout we have a varied selection of office furniture including chairs, desks, shelves, filing storage, clocks, lights and bins in addition to specialised products to furnish your office. As well as recommending the best furniture choices to suit you we can assist with deliveries and fittings.

We have a range of stylish yet comfortable business office furniture and for a highly professional appearance we offer executive office furniture which we can custom build for your exclusive look. We always deliver high quality furnishings, expert workmanship and achieve outstanding results in a timely manner, adhering to your mandate and budget.

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