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Stevenage Office Refurbishment & Fit Out Services

Paradigm Office Interiors; the premier company for refurbs in Stevenage since 2003

Does your office in Stevenage need a makeover? Paradigm Interiors is the leading office fit out partner. For over 15 years, we have transformed offices and other workspaces throughout Stevenage, breathing life into businesses by creating environments that inspire and reflect their unique brands.

The personality of each office differs, and paradigm interiors understands this. That is why we offer more bespoke approach to suit your objectives, while still considering your budget. We work with you from inception to completion of the project on every idea you have concerning fitting out an office. Our new rental spaces are designed exclusively for customers who want something more than what they can get elsewhere; they are not just simple layout concepts but finished products.

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Office Refurbishment Services to Transform Your Workplace!

Is your current workspace a bit too dull? We do professional refurbishment services for offices around Stevenage. Our experts will help create a modern busy centre that still motivates group members while impressing clients at the same time. You may require some changes on reception area or even need collaborative working areas, all these things are possible.

During renovation stages such as space planning & design through project management & construction, we aim at minimising disturbances with maximum outcomes. As far as our office building revitalising capabilities are concerned, paradigm Interiors will always be there for you.

Our refurbishments go beyond appearance change; we ensure that productivity levels increase by improving workplace efficiencies hence making it better for employees to work optimally. Better alternatives aimed at promoting efficient workflow and maintaining good health conditions in the workplace environment can be obtained once we understand the existing floor plan of your business premises as well its key requirements. These works also enhance occupants’ wellbeing apart from increasing their overall level of performance due to factors such as energy efficient bulbs and ergonomic designs among others.

Commercial Furniture for Offices: A Fusion of Elegance and Purpose

The right furniture can change an office from being uncomfortable and unproductive to a comfortable and productive workspace. Paradigm Interiors offers a variety of commercial office furniture in Stevenage that cater to different tastes and budgets. Everything you need for a functional attractive office space from adjustable desks to stylish storage units and breakout area is available with us.

Through collaboration with leading furniture manufacturers, we bring up-to-date looks together with great products. Allow our professionals assist you in selecting the best pieces that will ensure your offices look great while at the same time meet staff needs. We also provide bespoke furniture services where customers can create their own unique pieces suitable for their brand image or office outlook.

Do you want to improve on collaboration and innovation? We focus on developing spaces that encourage interactions thus generating new ideas among staff members. For flexible meeting pods or even cozy lounge areas, this is our specialty among other things.

From routine repairs to emergencies that may arise, our maintenance personnel will ensure your office runs smoothly. We have flexible maintenance contracts that suit your specific needs and give you peace of mind as you concentrate on running your business.

Our comprehensive maintenance services include everything in the office from electrical systems, plumbing and HVAC to general repairs. Additionally, we make regular inspections aimed at detecting any arising issues early enough to save much time and money later in future.

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Paradigm Interior - image
Paradigm Interior - image
Paradigm Interior - image
Paradigm Interior - image
Paradigm Interior - image

Why Choose Paradigm Interiors for Your Office Fit Out Needs in Stevenage?

  • Paradigm Interiors has been working for over 20 years in this field
  • Paradigm Interiors offers custom-made solutions tailored for the individual clients’ needs
  • At Paradigm Interiors, we have a team of skilled and dedicated professionals ready to deliver nothing less than perfect results
  • In addition to its range of furniture options for commercial offices, Paradigm interiors provide comprehensive services including all aspects office fit out & refurbishment
  • The company also offers a wide range of commercial office furniture options
  • Moreover, we are reliable commercial property maintenance services provider.
  • This means there is no delay on projects when you sign a contract with us.
  • It implies that our interest lies in doing anything possible to satisfy our clients whenever we enter any form of transaction with them.

For paradigm interiors, workspaces can be motivating and inspiring places which significantly contribute towards the success of a business enterprises. Therefore, it is very reasonable that Stevenage’s go-to company for all your queries concerning fitting out an office should be us.

Reach out today! We will help you create an office environment that reflects your brand identity while enhancing productivity among employees. For more information call us today for your free consultation!

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