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Bespoke Reception Area Fit Out Specialists

Affordable, Modern & Bespoke

When clients and visitors first enter your office, the reception area is the first impression they get of your company. This is why it’s vital to have and encompass a beautifully designed, efficient reception space, that’s both eye catching and practical in its setup.

At Paradigm Interiors, we specialise in reception area fit outs for businesses across the UK. With over 20 years of experience transforming front office spaces, we can create a stunning, tailored reception design that reflects your brand and meets your functional needs.

Modern Reception Desk Design for Flawless First Impressions

The centrepiece of your reception area is the front desk. As soon as someone walks in, it draws the eye and makes an impact. Our expert reception fit out designers can advise on desk styles, dimensions, materials and technology integration to create a feature reception desk that impresses from the moment someone steps through your doors.

We stay on top of the latest trends in modern office design to keep our reception desk ideas inspiring yet functional. Clean lines, tactile finishes like wood or Corian and smart storage can produce a contemporary, clutter-free look. Ergonomic shaping, advanced tech features and branding elements also bring that wow factor. Get in touch about a custom designed reception counter that sets the scene for your brand’s story.


popular furniture options such as:

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Storage Solutions

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Safes and Cash Boxes

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Reception Area Furnishings

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Wall Clocks

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Reception Counter and Table Layouts That Optimise Space

As well as the reception desk itself, we carefully plan the full reception zone including seating, coffee tables, literature stands and more during our reception area fit outs.

An open, spacious layout promotes easy visitor flow while also keeping confidentiality for your receptionist. Clever positioning of furniture delineates sub-zones so clients know where to wait, take a seat and find brochures or magazines.

As part of our reception fit out service, we 3D model the whole space including circulation areas, waiting zones and meeting nooks. This allows you to visualise and tweak plans before installing your new professional reception setup.

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Full Reception Fit Out Services Across the UK

Make a statement

While the front desk might be the focal point, a complete office reception fit out requires consideration of the whole visitor welcome experience.

Our full reception fit out services include:

  • Reception desk design, supply and installation
  • Client seating selections
  • Coffee tables, media units and literature stands
  • Floor coverings – hardwood, vinyl planks, carpet tiles
  • Wall panelling and paint colours
  • Ceiling treatments like rafts, coving or feature walls
  • Lighting schemes covering task, ambient and accent lighting
  • Window treatments such as blinds and curtains
  • Branding – visual identity, signage, graphic wraps
  • Accessibility and inclusivity compliance

We supply and fit out reception areas, bespoke and completely tailored for businesses in the UK. If you need inspiration for your office reception revamp, visit our portfolio to see previous client projects.

How Do You Create a Good Front Office Receptionist Area?

An engaging front office reception starts with putting some thought into spatial planning even before you pick furniture and finishes.

Here are our top tips for creating a welcoming, efficient reception zone:

Leave Adequate Circulation Space

Around the front desk, leave enough empty floor space so visitors aren’t crowded coming in and your receptionist can easily move about. Build in discrete sub-zones for waiting, quick questions and private conversations.

Incorporate Visitor Seating

A well-planned reception has ample, comfortable seating in the waiting area. Choose chairs and sofas in your brand colours to reinforce identity from the moment someone walks in. Arrange furniture to promote open flow while allowing private sitting spots out of general traffic.

Add Visual Interest

Reception areas tend to feature more solid wall space above head height. Use this blank canvas for visual impact with wallpaper, textured paints, wall panels or your company graphics. Carry decorative themes and colours through to ceiling features and furnishings for a coordinated effect.

Use Lighting Design

Lighting plays a huge role in reception area aesthetics and function. Incorporate ambient lighting for overall illumination plus task lighting on desks. Play with accent lighting to highlight artwork or architectural features. And ensure you have adequate natural light.

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How Should the Reception Area Be Laid Out?

Customising Your Reception Area

When designing your office reception floor plan, you want to strike the right balance between open visitor flow and zoned spaces catering to different needs. Here are key elements to include:

Reception Hub

The front desk and seating for your receptionist to carry out admin tasks and take calls should occupy a central, visible spot. Place the desk facing the entry for easy visitor connection.

Waiting Zone

Provide a separate, comfortable waiting area with chairs, sofas, coffee tables and reading materials positioned outside of main traffic paths. Allow for both open and more private seating choices.

Meeting Nooks

Build in small booth seating or standing height touchdown bars for quick, private guest interactions just off the main reception vicinity.

Display Zone

Allocate wall space for company graphics, awards displays or product installations to reinforce brand identity upon entry.

Circulation Space

Map out adequate empty floor zones around fixtures to prevent bottlenecks and allow unimpeded movement for visitors, staff and wheelchairs or mobility devices.

A reception space balances welcome and wayfinding when thoughtfully zone mapped. Our interior designers have decades of experience building inviting, efficient reception floor plans tailored to your office needs.

Speak to Paradigm Interiors Today About Your Reception Area Vision

For a reception space that gives the right first impression for your office, get in touch today. Let our skilled design team create a complete reception area fit out plan enhancing aesthetics, brand alignment, and daily function.

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