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Top Tips For Creating a Productive Workspace

By January 29, 2024February 1st, 2024No Comments

When it comes to creating a productive workspace – a lot of the elements toward the ‘ideal’ can be very subjective. What may work for someone, may not be the ideal solution for someone else. This is why can creating a workspace, some general considerations must be made to ensure that the area has something for everyone. We’ve homed in on some specific areas that can fulfil these requirements.

Natural lighting

It’s proven that natural light helps people be happier, healthier and calmer, so if this is the kind of atmosphere you’re looking to create in your workplace, it’s important to think of ways in which you can maximise natural daylight. It’s also a vital source of vitamin D, which plays a big role in bone health, improves circadian rhythms and helps us focus better. We understand having some form of artificial lighting is often a must in many offices, but if you can design a space that enjoys plenty of natural daylight too, you’ll be one step closer to a more productive workspace.

Paradigm Interior - Yarnton
Paradigm Interior - Yarnton

Ergonomic design

Drawers are so important in terms of staying organised but they can take up a significant amount of room, meaning it’s important to consider where you place them. If your desk incorporates a drawer unit or perhaps leaves room for a drawer unit beneath the desk, then you can begin to free up other areas of the room for different pieces of furniture and equipment.

Colours are key

It’s said that calm colours, like blues and greens, promote productivity, whilst too many whites, greys, and beiges can induce feelings of sadness, especially if there are just several plain walls and artificial lighting. We’re not saying your office has to include the colours of a rainbow, however, finding ways to add colour to your walls can boost focus and represent your brand in a more positive light.

Paradigm Interior - Yarnton
Paradigm Interior - Yarnton

Privacy spaces are important

When you think of forward thinking, contemporary company, open plan offices may come to mind – like those that are heavily designed around collaborative zones. That said, there also needs to be areas where individuals can work in isolation and avoid disruptions. Choosing to add privacy screens between desks can help certain individuals relax and work more effectively, so do try to find the balance between collaborative spaces and independent work areas. You’ll then have the best of both and a more productive workspace as a result.

An office should also be a place for downtime

It can actually be counter productive to have an office that’s purely designed around work. For example, if there is no feeling of fun, light-heartedness or friendliness, the atmosphere can quickly begin to feel rather dull. Adding areas where people can relax and enjoy some downtime makes perfect sense because the office is then a place where staff can come to work and truly enjoy being there as a hardworking member of the team. So whether you choose to add games like table tennis or pool, or decide to create a quiet reading room, staff will be happier and more motivated if they know they can enjoy certain rewards when they come to work.

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