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Space Planning

Make the best use of your space

Paradigm Interiors offer a full and thorough space planning service. We carry out assessments, produce designs and implement strategies to make the best possible use of a space. Your premises will be more functional, more useable and more suited to its purpose. 

It's important that a building's structure and layout are planned around the people who use it. This is where we come in. We'll iron out any accessibility issues and reconfigure your space to make it more suitable. We take on full project management, ensuring that the process stays on track and within budget.

Here are some of the benefits which you can gain from a space planning service: 

  • Efficiency - increase productivity with a well-layed-out space 
  • Capacity - incorporate more workspaces 
  • Accessibility - make sure your building is suitable for disabled people
  • Functionality - invest in more equipment and storage
  • Compliance - ensure you're following all relevant guidelines and legislation
  • Collaboration - allow your staff the space to work together
  • Growth - give your company room to expand

Office Space Planning Services

We can make provisions for all the latest ideas and innovations. From hot-desking and office zoning to breakout areas and multipurpose workspaces, we'll make your space fit around you. All applicable regulations will be taken into account, as well as the latest health and safety guidelines.

Let us plan your space to keep it current for years to come. We'll design a flexible, practical space which can adapt to changes in staffing and procedure. The offices and commercial spaces we plan are built for longevity. 

Before any job, we carry out a free initial audit and provide an accurate, no obligation quote.

To get yours, speak to Paradigm Interiors today.

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