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Office Furniture Ideas for Maximising Small Spaces

By April 11, 2023February 1st, 2024No Comments

The furniture you decide on will be key to maximising the space and improving productivity, and in this article, we’re going to run a few office furniture ideas to help you get the ball rolling.

Utilising the corners

One of the best ways to maximise space is to choose furniture that can make use of otherwise underused space, and a corner desk would be a fine option for many small offices. By being able to position a typically large piece of furniture like a desk or even seating in the corner of the room, you’ll have more space to incorporate other essential office items such as drawers, bookcases and shelves.

Paradigm Interior - Yarnton
Paradigm Interior - Yarnton

Desk and drawer combinations

Drawers are so important in terms of staying organised but they can take up a significant amount of room, meaning it’s important to consider where you place them. If your desk incorporates a drawer unit or perhaps leaves room for a drawer unit beneath the desk, then you can begin to free up other areas of the room for different pieces of furniture and equipment.

Say yes to low shelving

Low shelving is perfect if you need a little more space for important documents or everyday paperwork, and if you have some room beneath your desk or a recessed section, then thinking outside the box and incorporating low shelving can ensure you get the important storage space you need without affecting the look and feel of the room.

Paradigm Interior - Yarnton
Paradigm Interior - Yarnton

Wall-mounted lighting fixtures

Installing wall mounted lighting fixtures is a nice alternative to having a lamp that sits on a counter, desk or shelf. You immediately free up surface area space but still get the style and the necessary lighting in the right areas.

Rollout desks when you need room for two

If you need some space for a guest or colleague, choosing a desk with a rollout feature can work perfectly. These are also called rollout desktops, and they provide you more workspace when you need it — and less when you don’t.

As you can see, there is already a lot of fantastic furniture for small offices and you’ll find plenty of innovative office furniture in our brochure, but even with the right equipment, it’s important to
maintain the space, remove clutter regularly and also reduce your over-reliance on paper. Paradigm Office Interiors has extensive and in-depth knowledge of good office design and we have a wealth of experience in maximising small spaces. You don’t need a lot of room to increase productivity and improve business performance, but you do need to carefully consider furniture before you decide whether it’s right for you and your space.

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