Modern Office Design Ideas

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Modern Office Design Ideas

When we design offices for our customers, we think beyond the actual design of the room, and focus on what our clients will gain from it, such as

Efficiency - increasing productivity with a well-laid-out space

Capacity - incorporating more workspaces

Accessibility - making sure your building is suitable for disabled people

Functionality - investing in more equipment and storage

Compliance - ensuring you're following all of the relevant guidelines and legislation

Collaboration - allowing your staff the space to work together

Growth - giving your company room to expand


If you can create an office that ticks those boxes, you can be rest assured you have the potential to make the best use of your space. That said, all offices have the potential to become spaces of clutter and disorganization, but there are steps you can take early on to ensure this doesn’t happen.


Hide your wires

This is a great way to start, and if you can design an office with very few wires on show, you’ll already be working towards creating a clean and contemporary environment. Think about it, even a £10,000 conference table can look rather chaotic if wires are not well concealed within the table, so this is certainly something you should apply throughout the design process.


Add a touch of life

A touch of nature can go a long way, and by adding plant life to your office, you’ll be treating it to natural zesty colours. Just be sure to pick your plants wisely, so think about how easy they are to maintain and whether they’re ideally suited to the atmosphere of an office.


Relaxation is required

Creating community areas is another fine option, especially if you have a relatively large open plan office. These can be lounge areas or community tables, but the aim here is to ensure there’s a place for employees to relax a little bit, and perhaps enjoy work a little more, by being able to enter a more informal and creative zone, which could be especially important for writers, designers and marketers.


Natural Light is necessary

Natural light is of great importance when it comes to designing a modern office space. Having absolutely no exposure to natural light can negatively impact mood and productivity in the workplace, whilst heaps of natural light can do the opposite; uplifting employees whilst ensuring they can see details and perform their basic tasks. It’s also said that working in natural light can reduce eye fatigue and complaints about headaches, so you really should do your best to ensure your office space is designed to attract enough natural light.

If you’re looking for a space planner who can tick all of these boxes and more, then feel free to send us a message or give us a call. We carry out assessments, produce designs and implement strategies to make the best possible use of a space, working with you every step of the way.







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