Key Considerations For Redesigning Your Home Office

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Key Considerations For Redesigning Your Home Office

Working from home has become the norm for many, and while it can take some time to get used to, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to create a home office setting that allows you to perform to the very best of your abilities.


Finding the right area in your home

Whether you have a dedicated room for your home office or need to make use of a corner in your bedroom or kitchen, it’s important to choose a space that has a good amount of natural light, while ensuring it’s clear from everyday clutter and distractions. If your current setup leaves you feeling cramped, like you’re working from a disordered cupboard, it’s time to redesign the space, or move to a new area of your home.


Spare a thought for space

Once you’ve decided exactly where you want your home office to be, the next step is to allow yourself enough space to work comfortably. Depending on the work you are involved in, you may need room for two monitors, a laptop, a printer, with further desk space for the essentials such as notebooks, stationery and headphones. If possible, we recommend you add a desk with a width of at least 160cm and a depth of over 200cm.


Choosing the right home office desk and chair

It sounds like an easy task, but as we know all too well, there are countless designs and styles to choose from. Honing in on the right desk becomes a lot easier when you understand what you need from your desk. For example, you may want to consider:

  • Leg clearance
  • Height, width and depth – consider the space needed for your laptop, monitor, keyboard, paperwork and lamp etc.
  • Storage such as drawers, filing cabinets or cupboards
  • Shape – such as rectangular, wave or corner.
  • Colour


Office chairs are perhaps even more important because they can have a direct impact on your health as well as comfort and productivity. It’s important to choose a chair that minimises stress to the spine, so good lumbar support is an excellent starting point. Most office chairs have an inward curve, but this can lead to slouching and discomfort after long periods. An ergonomic chair will usually feature lumbar adjustment, allowing you to get the proper fit. Other key considerations include back support, material, armrests, swivel and seat height.


Shift towards soft lighting

Lighting is a key complement in every office, no matter the size. Many contemporary offices in the UK have layered lighting, meaning workers have complete control, so they can illuminate the room entirely, or allow for a soft glow. You can apply this to your home office, by having a bright white LED as your main ceiling light, but the option of a dimmable freestanding or desk lamp with a warm diffusion of light.


Bring out your personality

No matter how you design your home office, we recommend you let your imagination run wild. It can be really fun to create a space that reflects your personality. For example, if you work best in a bright minimal environment, why not consider an office design with a classic, calming and neutral palate. If you need a more creative space with an energetic feel, combine vibrant colours and artistic features to liven up the space. A bright and colourful area will certainly help kick-start your day at work!


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