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Dilapidations Works

A stress-free dilapidations process

If you rent an office or lease a commercial premises, it is highly likely that you will need to return the building to its original condition at the end of your tenancy agreement. This is an essential process - it will ensure that any potential claims for remedial repairs from your landlord can be mitigated. However, it can be difficult to know where to start. There will be lengthy negotiations with property agents and landlords, solicitors’ fees and a potentially hefty bill (which is often above the standard rates for the works required). 

By working with Paradigm, you can avoid the stress of ending your tenancy without professional support. We will review your lease and undertake any dilapidations works on your behalf. This puts you firmly in control of the situation, able to manage both costs and timescales. 

We work in partnership with you directly, reviewing your lease to identify your obligations. We will then be able to identify simple and cost-effective solutions to account for all of your contractual responsibilities. 

Whatever the environment, Paradigm Interiors are highly experienced in dealing with all kinds of dilapidations works. We have carried out work in a variety of buildings, both occupied and unoccupied, including offices, retail premises, rental premises, shops, warehouses and commercial industrial units. 

Our responsible and pragmatic approach ensures a favourable outcome for everyone. The works we plan out in consultation with our clients are realistic and cost-effective. 

With outstanding workmanship and customer care, we guarantee that your project is sensitively executed and all dilapidations commitments are fully met. 

We will be happy to carry out an initial assessment and to discuss costs with you before you commit. Just talk to the team to get the process started. 

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